Thank you for taking the time to review over my thoughts here.  I have built my business to cater to real estate agents.  I know that most agent have a relationship with one or two lenders already in place.  I can respect that as loyalty is always good.  There comes a point though when you start taking a closer look at your business relationship to see if it can go to that next level.

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Any loan originator should be able to "come through" and do a good job while there at it.  The key is proactive communication and due diligence of your clients scenario.  Have you developed a business relationship with a lender who can help you not only approve loans but build your business?

If they are helping build your business, what exactly is that you are doing together?  Has it been planned.  If not, then your lucky, because it's happening by accident!  I guarantee you that if your not considering a relationship with a Mortgage Planning Consultant such as my self, your competition is. 

My goal is to add value to your business and value to how you serve your clients.  I would like to introduce you to several systems that my team and I have implemented to bring value to the way you serve your clients.  These systems are designed to retrieve qualified leads from the marketplace through a host of marketing opportunities while allowing me the chance to cross-sell you to potential buyers and seller.



Concierge Service   -  (Click Here For Example)

Our goal should be to make each client feel as important as possible.  By finding out more about them we will be equipped to touch their lives in a highly impacting way.  Please look over the “Concierge Service” form.  These can be produced for you to give to the client. Simply fax back to me when completed and I will track through our database management system.  Please let me know how many you would like.


 New Home Profile  - (Click Here For Example)

The new home profile was created to proactively capture as much information as possible when a client has not already spoken to an agent.  This will help reduce work for agent partners, decrease sales time, and increases chances of accepted contracts on newly listed homes.


 Pre-Purchase Consultations   - (Click Here For Example)                                       Back To Top

To make sure that we are always working proactively and utilizing our time wisely, I would like to extend my service of Pre-Purchase Consultations.  The consultations will be available to all clients prior to showing them properties.  Feel confident in also recommending my services to those who are already pre- approved.  Again, part of your “five star service” includes a no cost consultation with a lender that they can count on.  There are no guarantees when they step out on their own with a lender you have no relationship with.  Free consultations will also be available to those interested in purchasing a listing you have.  I have enclosed a Pre-Purchase worksheet that can help expedite our services.  Please let me know how many you would like.  Clients can also securely apply online here at my website.


 Total Cost Analysis  - (Click Here For Example) 

The total cost analysis is used to show your clients several loan options.  They will see the comparison of how a properly structured loan program can save them thousands.


Email/Fax Updates  - (Click Below For Example)                                                           Back To Top

Communication and proactive habits are practiced continually by my team.  Through interviewing and surveying agents and clients we have  determined what are key moments during the loan process that we should be in communication.  We never want to have you unaware what is happening if a client should ask.  These email/fax templates have been designed to give you more freedom and less follow up.

  1. File to Underwriting

  2. Appraisal Received (with value)

  3. Loan Approved (listing any conditions)

  4. Conditions Still Needed

  5. Clear to Close (Commitment)

  6. Approaching Closing (24-48 hours prior - about the same time as HUD Review)

  7. Weekly Update (sent every Friday afternoon after Processor Meeting/Pipeline Update)


The Consumer Referral Program

I appreciate every referral given to me as this is considered the greatest compliment I can ever receive.  As soon as a buyer or seller is introduced to me, I will market to them in a consistent fashion, gaining referrals now and far down the path of several years.  Those referrals and repeat clients will be tracked back to you and returned when possible.  We have invested into ACT Database which will help us manage our client contacts well into the future.


Featured Home of the Week - (Click Here For Example)                                              Back To Top

At the beginning of each week we will select one agent to utilize the traffic through this website.  Simply adding one of their homes to the site may assist in dramatic results.  This featured home will also be sent out as an email to my existing client and business database.


For Sale By Owner  - (Click Here For Example)

The FSBO program that is in place will help me generate potential buyers and sellers.  By building rapport, showing I care, and offering my services I will gain the position as a consultant.  This will give me the opportunity to make a strong referral to your services when needed.  Simply email or fax me a list compliant with the state and national “no call” lists of any FSBOs you would like me to target.  I have enclosed a copy of my FSBO program and would appreciate any input on improving or marketing this service.


Expired Listings  - (Click Here For Example)

All agents end up with expired listings for some reason or another.  Unfortunately, these can not be marketed to until they have actually expired.  However, as a partner of yours, I can.  Simply email or fax me a list compliant with the state and national “no call” lists and I will make an outbound call to the homeowner and cross sell you.  I have enclosed one of the scripts used in approaching these individuals.


Pre-Listing Cross Sell - (Click Here For Example)                                                       Back To Top

 A strong outside endorsement of your business model will always be effective in converting your potential listings into contracts.  As a member of your team I can contact the seller before your appointment to introduce the value added extras you offer, through me, as and extension of your services.  As a neutral party, there is less resistance on seller’s behalf in hearing from me, even though they may not know who I am.  I will provide them 5-10 tangible things that make you and me different from the norm.  I have enclosed a sample letter and script for you to review.


The Buyer Retrieval Program- Listings/Buyers  - (Click Here For Example)

Finding buyers for your listings is always something I will be on the lookout for.  After your showings, I can take note of the agents who attended and follow up with them about other potential buyers they may have for your properties.  Additionally, I will follow up with all buyers who have signed in at open houses, with an outbound call to conduct a pre-purchase consultation.  I have enclosed a sample script for you to review.  

Keeping in touch with your buyers may be something that you have not had time for or had the means to track.  To increase your business volume, I will follow up with all buyer prospects you would have for me.  These leads can come from your database, marketing efforts, calls, or walk-ins.  I will make an outbound call to them, cross sell you, and bring the buyer back.


Surveys   - (Click Below For Examples)                                                                Back To Top

Every transaction is different.  We can only learn to increase or efficiencies and correct or mistakes by asking clients and those we serve about the service we provided.  During the loan process clients and the real estate agent will receive a survey asking questions about our performance.  In addition a survey is also given to the client for their response on the real estate agent.  This survey is sent directly to the agent so that they can database information received and adjust their business model accordingly.

  1. Client Intro Survey

  2. Agent Intro Survey

  3. Client Mid Process Survey

  4. Agent Mid Process Survey

  5. Client Closing Survey

  6. Agent Closing Survey

  7. Realtor Survey by Client


The Annual Mortgage Review Program   - (Click Here For Example)

This program allows you to add value to your current and potential client databases.  Offer my professional mortgage services to them as an extension of your business.  I can implement a free consultation, cross sell you, and then recommend any loan action that might improve their current mortgage position.  Additionally, whatever real estate needs they express having now and in the future, will be tracked by me, followed up at the appropriate time, and referred back to you when possible.  This will be completed on an annual basis so that your clients can be assured of always having the best mortgage to meet their long term and short term financial goals.


Ratewatch Report   - (Click Here For Example)

This report is sent out every two months to existing clients.  It acts as both a loan statement and an update of current programs, rates, and savings that could potential assist them when their financial goals have changed.  This report is also available to be sent to your existing database.


Turning Point  - (Click Here For Example)                                                                Back To Top

Throughout building our business as well as the partners we work with, one thing that we found to be extremely important is AFTER CLOSING MARKETING.  There is no reason that you should work so hard to provide great results so that a client can forget about you.  As mentioned earlier we try to obtain and database as much information as possible.  But sometimes that gets to be overwhelming.  Turning Point is a "turn key" marketing company that helps us stay in touch with our clients.  A closing gift is sent out after the transaction along with a thank you/referral card.  Every quarter an additional thank you/referral card is mailed out to the client on behalf of myself and the referring partner.