Expired Listings Script



"This is Ben Carmona, Mortgage Planning Consultant.  I've noticed your home appeared on the Multiple Listing Service as an expired listing. You have probably received a lot of calls from realtors today and are wondering why a lender is calling you." (pause)


"One of the reasons that your home may not have sold is perhaps your agent did not expose it to enough buyers or perhaps mispriced it. The reason I'm calling is twofold. First, I have a lead generation system that produces buyers who are interested in buying now. Second, I work with 5 of the finest realtors in the area who are connected to all of the other elite agents and, working together, are selling (state %) of their listings taken."


"I'd like to apply for the job of helping you select a top realtor, and then introduce you to our marketing systems and see if that doesn't give you the comfort of knowing this time around, your home will sell. When would be a convenient time that I could come by with (state Realtor), ask you a few questions about what you felt was right and wrong about your last listing contract, and show you how we can sell your home in the time frame you want, at the price you want?"