Dear Mr. Seller:


I would like to introduce my company and myself as a proud member of <Strategic Partner> team. As a top lender in the area, we have a long client list of satisfied people for whom we have helped obtain mortgages to purchase the home of their dreams. We were chosen to be the lender of choice on <Strategic Partner> team because of our consistency in delivering competitively priced quality loan products, in a timely manner, and with an enthusiastic approach.


We have been notified that you are contemplating listing your property with <Strategic Partner>.  We would like to say “congratulations” in advance. <Strategic Partner> is a highly effective real estate professional. He does a brilliant job with all of his clients. He has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to correctly price your home and deliver to you the quickest possible sale with the highest probable net.


We play an integral role in the marketing of your home, which is the reason <Strategic Partner> notified us. Once you choose <Strategic Partner> as your agent, our company will provide:




·         A Pre-Purchase Consultation for all buyers brought to your home by <Strategic Partner>, which means before they see it, everyone knows they can afford it.  In addition we will follow up with these potential buyers to insure all their questions are answered.

·         A FREE Pre-Approval process for you, regardless of where you buy your next home.

·         A color marketing piece on your home will be sent out to our network of realtors, strategic partners, and client data base.

·         Promotion into our "To Be Determined" data bank. This represents at any one time a great number of pre-approved borrowers who are waiting for the right property.


In closing, we are confident that you will find <Strategic Partner> to be highly professional, and we want you to know that both of us will make a commitment that selling your home will be a profitable experience.



Warm Regards,




Ben Carmona

Mortgage Planning Consultant