Mid Process Survey




Dear Friend:


Honest, critical feedback from you is the absolute best way for us to stay in-tune with your needs.Learning how we did after your loan closes is valuable but as a team we feel it is more important to understand how we are doing currently.If you feel that we can improve upon how we are serving you, we would like to make adjustments now so that your experience will be a good one from now on.If we are serving you well, thatís important too, because then we know we can stay the course and finish strong for you.


Please take just a few moments to answer seven very brief questions:


††††††††††† Please use a scale of 1 (Poor) - 5 (Best)


  1. Have we done a good job of determining the right loan program for your specific needs?


  1. Have we returned your calls promptly?


  1. Have we answered your questions to your satisfaction?


  1. Have we kept you informed of the status of your loan?


  1. Have you found everyone on our team to be courteous and professional?


  1. Are you pleased with the service your Realtor is providing? (If applicable)


  1. Can you make any suggestions about how we might serve you better?




Thank you for taking the time to help us.We appreciate you!



Ben Carmona

Mortgage Planning Consultant



P.S.††† You may not be aware that we handle financing on refinances, purchase transactions, investment properties, raw land, and construction financing, and can even help individuals with less than perfect credit.When you get in conversations with friends and family, who are thinking of buying, selling, or refinancing real estate, please pass on my name.The greatest compliment I can ever receive is a personal referral.