My team and I believe that customer satisfaction comes before everything. We strive to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Through surveying clients and the professionals we work with at critical points during the loan experience; we are able to gauge how we are doing. But donít just take it from us that we do a great job - hereís some examples from our past.


  Working with Ben Carmona made our mortgage handling experience and home closing a very easy one for us. Iíve bought and sold several homes and never had a good experience. These people are thorough, thoughtful, and passionate about their jobs.                

                                                                                            - Nina and Bill (Clients)



You guys always do an excellent job.

                                                                                            - Mohamad (Client)



Ben has been very professional and on top of all aspects of the transaction. I am very impressed and even the title company commented on how well they were informed by Mainline.

                                                                                            - Barb (Realtor)



Refinancing was something we had thought about doing for a while, but didn't know how to really go about it. I heard tons of commercials, had thousands of unwanted phone calls- I was aggravated before I even began. Then Ben Carmona was recommended to me by my financial advisor and aggravation ceased! We corresponded several times by phone and e-mail. All he needed from us were a few simple pieces of documentation and an understanding of what WE wanted to do, not only now, but in the future. I felt that he genuinely cared about us and he listened to our plans and goals and found the perfect plan for us. Ben offered us his expertise, not only in the area of mortgage financing, but other financial areas as well. We feel he has become a real source of information and advice now and in the future. The process itself was quick and easy and explained in fine detail. We were never at a loss wondering what was going on. Since we have completed our refinancing, we have had several calls (again) from other companies saying they could still save us money. I don't think so. If a better plan comes along, I'm sure Ben would be able to tell us. If and when we ever need to do this again, I will go to Ben Carmona and not have a worry in the world. I truly feel that Ben cares enough about ME and MY needs to be the best at what he does. Thanks Ben!

                                                                                              - Elise and Greg (Clients)